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The Company's concern for environment made Kilburn the first pigment manufacturer to set up 100% Pollution Abatement facilities, as part of its initial Project.Because of the nature of chemical processes involved, there are a number of other substances that are produced during the manufacturing of Titanium Dioxide pigment.These substances are treated and converted into by-products which finds varied usage. Details of by-products so produced as also their application potential is stated elsewhere in the related sections.
concern for environment

The Company has continuously upgraded process operations to recycle effluent thereby reducing the final effluent discharge.The gaseous and liquid discharges from the battery limits of the plant are closely monitored to assess the actual impact of the Company's operation on the external environment. Efforts are made at every level to ensure that plant emissions and discharges are kept within the overall parameters prescribed by the Pollution Control Board and other Statutory Authorities. The Company is continuously pursuing a campaign for greening the environment, both inside and outside the plant.
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