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Kilburn Chemicals Limited (KCL) is a leading producer and exporter of Anatase Grade Titanium Dioxide in India. It produces Titanium Dioxide by the Sulphate route. KCL also manufactures and exports the by-product Ferrous Sulphate. KCL has commenced operations in November 1994.
KCL has a world-wide reputation for Quality. In addition to the prestigious ISO 9001-2000 certification, the company's Titanium Dioxide pigment is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards as conforming to
specifications. KCL exports a sizeable quantity of its Titanium Dioxide and Ferrous Sulphate to various countries including Germany, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, USA etc. KCL is committed to provide total Customer Satisfaction by offering enhanced services, establishing long-term working relationships with customers in order to understand and meet their individual needs. Every employee is driven by the need to put the customer first.

A strong Research & Development back-up is one of the core strengths of KCL. Pure and applied research combined with technological innovations help to develop quality products to the highest specification. The product's bio-capability for cosmetic applications is constantly monitored by the Company. KCL's plant is Environment-Friendly, having a 100% self-integrated pollution abatement scheme. At KCL, people work full-time on managing environmental responsibilities to ensure that relevant standards are complied with. As a part of efficient waste management, the Effluent Utilization Plant produces by-products like Ferrous Sulphate. KCL has plans to introduce other value-added products. KCL's most important asset is its motivated and well-rewarded Workforce. The company culture fosters team spirit and encourages initiative together with an awareness of joint accountability.

KCL has made safety a top priority through strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The workforce is provided with comprehensive safety training. All these factors combine with professional and innovative Management to make KCL a dynamic, growth-oriented organization well on its way to become an industry leader
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